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 What does Oprah Winfrey study in the song Two Librans? ; What be it?


Studied 'bees' / 'bees down'
No votes
Studied 'peace' / 'being down'
No votes
Studied 'peas' / 'bean down'
No votes
Studied 'sleaze' / 'seem down'
No votes
Studied 'fleas' / 'unclean down'
No votes
Studied 'trees' / 'mean down'
No votes
I really couldn't give a flying fuck
Total votes : 6

Post #1 - 03 Jul 2019, 18:42

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Post #2 - 04 Jul 2019, 06:55

Welcome to the forum, Paul_Fuck_off.

I really couldn't give a flying fuck. :huh:
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Post #3 - 04 Jul 2019, 08:35

It's "She studied trees / beech down".


I voted "I couldn't give a fuck" as I didn't see the trees option. :mellow:
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Post #4 - 04 Jul 2019, 09:08

It's "She studied cheese / brie down" as any fule no. :yes:


Voted "I couldn't give a fuck" as I don't like talking about cheese. It usually ends in a fight and I have to leave the forum. :cry2:
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Post #5 - 10 Aug 2019, 20:59

I agree with "cheese."
Orpah Winfrey became a billionaire by overcoming a condition most people would find handicapping: almost constant flatulence. She didn't let it stop her and if she wanted to "cut the cheese" she surely did (though it's thought she didn't have much of a choice). (I hope my source is correct; Wiki doesn't mention it.)
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Post #6 - 18 Mar 2020, 20:54

Thought she studied peace, for years. Didn't even know who Oprah Winfrey was. Wasted summer 2007 translating 'the Fall' lyrics from the old place site.

Voted 'couldn't give a flying fuck', curses. :)
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