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 Introduce Yourself ; Who are you?

Post #141 - 26 Jan 2021, 21:05

dannynomates » Today, 12:11 wrote:
Davey A » Tue Jan 26, 2021 8:55 am wrote:Hello you fellows I am Davey A. :)
My current earworm is Selene by Planet Gong.
I hope you are all well and having decent weather.
Davey. :) :)

Welcome to my forum Davey A.

I trust you have familiarised yourself with my rules which can be found in the FAQ section. Several of my members see fit to flout these rules and suffer the consequences of warnings and bans in return. I’m sure you will not behave in such a manner and we can look forward to many of your posts and interactions. Once again, welcome to the Fallen Forum.


Thanks Dan
An honour to be part of this fine forum.
I promise I'll be good. :halo:
Davey A
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Post #142 - 26 Jan 2021, 21:25

Be good but try not to be too good :) If you stray from the accepted practices of the Forum, Danny Nogametes, the Forum proctor, will remind you with a yellow card.
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